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This is the website of Dale and Cathleen Jones - missionaries to Cambodia. Dale and Cathleen have ministered to the peoples of Cambodia since 1988 and have been in Cambodia since 1992, currently residing in Kampot City, Kampot. This website is designed to provide you with the most up-to-date information about our ministries.

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Vision: Our desire is to see church-planting movements sweep over Cambodia (churches rapidly reproducing themselves by planting other churches). We are committed to leading the lost to the Lord, making disciples and establishing healthy churches, which in turn will transform communities throughout the nation. By establishing Children In Families we have found a unique community-entry approach which has resulted in leading people to Christ and opportunities to plant churches in areas previously untouched by the gospel.

Your part is critical to seeing this vision a reality. Through prayer and giving you can be part of sparking movements that sweep across Cambodia and beyond!


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