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People Profiles

Cambodia is one of the most mono-cultural nations in Southeast Asia. 80% of Cambodia's population are Khmer while the remaining 20% is made up of Chinese-Cambodian peoples, Cham (ethnic Muslim), Vietnamese, and tribal groups. If you want to learn more about the peoples of Cambodia, please feel free to download this great resource:

Peoples of Cambodia - Edition 2 - PDF (download)

The Peoples of Cambodia - Edition 2, is a prayer book highlighting all of the people groups in Cambodia with individual people profiles.  Each profile is a one-page, color description of each people group with demographic information and prayer points.

This resource is a great tool for prayer groups to engage in prayer for Cambodia with current information and suggestions for prayer. Download your free copy today!

For more immediate information on peoples we are currently working with, please select a people group:

Chinese Cambodians



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