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Greater than 2/3 of the world's population are functionally illiterate and prefer oral methods of communication. Cambodia is no exception, with well over 80% of its people learning best through stories, music and drama. Thankfully most of the Bible is narrative and is easily communicated in these ways. However, because there is a lack of resources, we are working to produce oral resources (mostly Bible stories) that can be recorded and shared.

For our colleagues working with Khmer-speaking peoples: We have pre-evangelism, evangelism and discipleship story sets available for download. Each story set includes audio recordings of each story as well as story scripts in English and Khmer (PDF). *Note - when downloading these stories you will be directed to an outside document-sharing service called MediaFire. Also, please keep in mind that English translations are not meant to be used for English speakers, but for those working with Khmer speakers who need an English translation of the stories in Khmer. (They were translated fairly literally and don't have a style appropriate for English-speaking peoples.)

Pre-evangelism Story Set - 7 mb (download) - 4 introductory stories on God, Heaven and Hell, and the Bible. These stories based on Biblical truth help to introduce important concepts foreign to Khmer-speaking peoples. We strongly suggest using these stories before proceeding to the Evangelism story set.


Evangelism Story Set - 30 mb (download) - 11 foundational stories from Creation to Christ. These stories make up the backbone for understanding God's plan for salvation. Story themes include creation, sin, the authority of Christ, and His death and resurrection. These stories are intended to be used again when going through the discipleship track.


Discipleship Story Set - 140 mb (download) - This set includes the 4 pre-evangelism stories, the 11 evangelism stories, plus 30 more stories especially for new followers of Christ. The total 44-story set listened to chronologically provides the disciple with a strong story foundation for life-long obedience to Christ. Download the entire story set complete with audio recordings and story transcripts in Khmer and English.


10 Commands of Christ - 24 mb (download) - A story set based on 10 foundational commands of Christ for new disciples. Stories are short and to the point making them easy to recall, providing a new disciple practical instruction for following Christ. This story set includes audio recordings of all 11 stories, plus story transcripts in Khmer and English.


7 Signs of Christ - 16 mb (download) - A set of 7 stories from the book of John highlighting the 7 most prominent "signs" that Jesus performed so that we would believe in him. Although these stories are directly from the Bible, their used most effectively as "pre-evangelism" stories as they have the unique quality of creating interest in Jesus and his power to heal and do miracles. Included in this download are the story transcripts in Khmer as well as Khmer audio recordings.


If you would like the story transcripts without the audio recordings in PDF form, you can download ALL of the stories in either English or Khmer below.

Download all Chronological Bible Story Transcripts in Khmer

Download all Chronological Bible Story Transcripts in English

Making Disciples of Oral Learners - PDF (download)

Making Disciples of Oral Learners was produced by the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization. This booklet provides a very good description of the theory of oral communication and the need to use this approach with most of the peoples of the world. 

Peoples of Cambodia - Edition 2 - PDF (download)

The Peoples of Cambodia - Edition 2, is a prayer book highlighting all of the people groups in Cambodia with individual people profiles.  Each profile is a one-page, color description of each people group with demographic information and prayer points.

This resource is a great tool for prayer groups to engage in prayer for Cambodia with current information and suggestions for prayer. Download your free copy today!

Church-Planting Movements - PDF (download)

This booklet is a good overview of movements in various parts of the world where churches are planting other churches, reproducing rapidly and where the gospel is sweeping through entire people groups. Read this booklet and get excited about the possibilities of what God can do anywhere in the world! The 10 universal elements to a CPM described in this book gives us a clear picture of what conditions are necessary for such a movement to take place.


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