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What is a CMM?


A CMM, or "Church-Multiplication Movement", is a rapid and exponential increase of churches planting churches that sweeps through a people group or population segment. Also called a "Church-Planting Movement" (CPM), CMMs happen when apostolic teams who are working among an Unreached People Group, and who are committed to Biblical methods of mission, make and follow a strategic plan for sparking such a movement. Moreover, despite well-made plans and hard work, only by God's supernatural power can such a movement happen. Therefore, prayer and sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit are critical elements in every CPM.

Actually, there are 11 universal elements in all CMMs that have been documented so far.  These universal elements reflect Biblical principles of mission and church.

1. Prayer

2. Abundant Gospel sowing

3. Signs and Wonders

4. Scriptural authority

5. Local leadership

6. Lay leadership

7. Intentional church planting

8. House churches

9. Churches planting churches

10. Rapid reproduction

11. Healthy churches

Want to learn more?  We encourage you to read the booklet, Church-Planting Movements, available by free download below.

Church-Planting Movements - PDF (download)

This booklet is a good overview of movements in various parts of the world where churches are planting other churches, reproducing rapidly and where the gospel is sweeping through entire people groups. Read this booklet and get excited about the possibilities of what God can do anywhere in the world! The 10 universal elements to a CPM described in this book gives us a clear picture of what conditions are necessary for such a movement to take place.

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