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Ethnic Chinese in Cambodia - 6 Distinct Unreached People Groups

Describing the diverse make up of the ethnic Chinese in Cambodia is difficult. Various Chinese peoples immigrated to Cambodia over hundreds of years, and while the vast majority of them have integrated into Khmer society, there remain 6 distinct groups of Chinese peoples who continue to hold strongly to their Chinese languages, customs and heritage. The strong Chinese culture has continued to have a grip on these peoples even though they were born in Cambodia.

Although the 550,000 ethnic Chinese in Cambodia make up less than 4% of the population, they wield strong influence. One member of the Phnom Penh Chamber of Commerce once stated that he believed more than 75% of the nations wealth is controlled by Chinese Cambodians! Not only do they have strong economic influence, their cultural influence is felt throughout the nation as well. Though many have been assimilated into Khmer society, they have nonetheless left a clear Chinese mark on Khmer culture, best exemplified by the widespread practice of ancestral worship in the country.

To help you to better understand these unique peoples, we have produced 6 individual people profiles describing each of the ethnic Chinese people groups in Cambodia. We trust that you will thoughtfully read through each of them and join is in praying for these unreached people groups.


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